About AudioVerse Advance

Inspire. Instruct. Interact.


Why AudioVerse Advance?

With 7.3 Billion people in the world today, how will all these people hear the Everlasting Gospel?

The only way is for ordinary believers like you and me to get active in sharing our faith with those around us. You don’t know how to share your faith, you say?

That’s why we are introducing, AudioVerse Advance. A brand new online Bible training school brought to you by the team behind AudioVerse.org.

AudioVerse Advance Courses will

INSPIRE you as you are INSTRUCTED in the Truth to confidently share your faith as you INTERACT with your friends.

INSPIRE.Inspired by the Truth.

Take courses that teach solid, relevant Bible truth from qualified and godly teachers. Be prepared to have your faith affirmed and to be inspired for active service!


INSTRUCT.Instructed in the Truth.

Courses are made conveniently available to anyone to take anytime, anywhere, and at an affordable price. The state-of-the-art online learning platform allows you to choose what you want to learn, learn it at your own pace, and to learn whether at home or on the road.


INTERACT.Interact to share the Truth.

You can connect with fellow students from around the world online, then you can use what you’ve learned to witness to your friends offline. Get trained to start sharing your faith today!

Who is AudioVerse Advance for?

Anyone who wants to get training NOW!


Professionals who can’t take time off for training programs.


Churches that want to provide inspiration and training for their members.


Parents who have limited time to get away.


Teachers who want to supplement their students' education.


Students and home schoolers who want to learn at their own pace.


Individuals with no options for training near them.


We are hard at work building the platform and creating the courses for AudioVerse Advance, and your financial support is needed!